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Insurance & Pension Denmark works towards transparency and clarity and healthy competition in the insurance industry. Therefore, Insurance & Pension Denmark has developed several tools and campaigns to make it easy for consumers to access information about and compare insurance.

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Published 14.09.2023

Transparency in the insurance industry

Many consumers have the perception that insurance is complex and difficult to understand because there are differences in prices, coverage, and insurance terms among individual insurance companies.

The insurance industry is interested in ensuring that consumers are well-informed about their insurance arrangements and that they know their options for exploring the insurance market to obtain the coverage they want at the best possible price. Therefore, the insurance industry actively works to enable consumers to make well-founded and informed decisions about their insurance, for example, by creating easily accessible comparison options and by fostering a greater understanding of insurance among young customers.

Comparing insurance with the Insurance Guide

In collaboration with The Danish Consumer Council (Forbrugerrådet Tænk) Insurance & Pension Denmark has developed (Insurance Guide), an online comparison portal that has been in existence for over 20 years. InsuranceGuide currently covers 89% of the Danish insurance market with more than 19 participating companies. All insurance companies can join, and Insurance & Pension Denmark continuously works to increase the number of providers for the benefit of consumers.

On, consumers can easily and quickly compare both price and coverage on the most common types of insurance across a wide range of the insurance market, helping them find the right insurance. also allows comparison of other parameters such as customer satisfaction and complaint statistics, as well as providing general guidance on insurance needs.

Understanding insurance for the younger generation

The insurance industry aims for a healthy market with great transparency about insurance products. However, to make use of the many products offered by insurance companies, it is crucial that customers have the right insight and understanding of the products (e.g., what and when they are covered). Young people, in particular, find this challenging. Therefore, in 2023, Insurance & Pension launched a campaign to increase awareness, interest, and knowledge among young consumers about insurance. The campaign includes videos with various focuses and lengths.

Furthermore, for over 90 years, the insurance industry has had the Insurance Information Service (, which assists and answers customer questions related to insurance. To enhance young people's access to information about insurance, Insurance & Pension Denmark has also dedicated several pages on specifically targeting young people. This way, young individuals can get information about insurance directly related to their life situations and the challenges they face.

Pia Holm Steffensen

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Pia Holm Steffensen

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